Signs of alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is an intense form of high-risk drinking where the individual involved cannot control their urge to drink or stay away from it. This is the point where they know that their health is at risk, but there is only a little they can do to help themselves.

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they acknowledge that they cannot live or function without it. This is because their brain’s reward system gets triggered when alcohol is in their system.

For such people, one of the primary ways that they can be happy or satisfied is when they take alcohol.

Trying to spot someone addicted to alcohol can be an extreme sport because not all of them show that they are addicted.

Generally, people don’t want others to know they are struggling with addiction because of the stigma that comes with it.

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However, when you recognize the signs of an addicted person, you can use this knowledge to provide them with the right treatment.

  • They avoid public gatherings

One of the ways to know that someone is addicted to alcohol is when they prefer to stay in their private space. They have this uncanny feeling that if they spend too much time with people, someone would figure out that they are addicted.

Therefore, to prevent that from happening, they would rather stay where no one would find them out.

  • Physical signs

If you are very observant, you might notice some strange physical signs that are closely connected with alcohol addiction.

Some of these physical signs are redness in the cheeks, nose, and entire face, unpleasant skin sores, a disrupted appearance, excessive loss or weight gain, numbness in the feet and hands, etc.

  • Mental health problems

Another way to know when someone is addicted to alcohol is when they struggle with mental health issues. Some of these mental health problems are anxiety, depression, etc.

If you observe some of these signs in an individual, they might be addicted. The best you can do for them is to recommend a reputable treatment center where they can begin the journey to sobriety.

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