Substance abuse occurs when you take drugs that are not legal or you use drugs without taking into consideration the relevant drug prescription that is needed for the use of such drug. There is a wide range of difference between substance abuse and substance addiction, people often refer to them as the same, probably due to the fact that one is capable of leading to the other.

Substance abuse is a mere inappropriate use of substance as dictated and prescribes by the relevant regulatory bodies. However, substance addiction on the other hand, is a brain disorder that propels compulsive and persistent improper usage of drugs, despite the adverse effect or consequences that are capable of arising from it.



People who engage in substance abuse purposefully or ignorantly, do find it not too difficult to quit and return to their normal lives. However, substance addiction on the other hand, does not go the same way.

The problem of substance addiction is quite difficult to break free from in comparison to that of substance abuse. For kids and teenagers, drugs like alcohol, pain killers, antibiotics and the likes are some of the substances that could be commonly abused due to the kind of home (family background), the kind of friends (peer group influence), and lastly the norms and values of the environment (societal influence).

Preferable Remedy

In treating substance abuse, what prompted it is very important, because it helps the therapist in figuring out the best and easiest way for you to get out of it. Some substance abuse and their remedies are:

1. Alcohol: the measure at which alcohol reacts in different people vary. However, excessive intake could be dangerous and may lead to adverse physical and mental health conditions, depending on the capacity of the person. Alcohol offers stress ease and gives temporary pleasure which could also be derived from other activities other than alcohol that is capable of causing liver disease. The consequence is a good reason to abstain from it, since it is not yet an addiction.

2. OTC medicine: over-the-counter medicine are drugs that are used without a doctor’s prescription. It could be as dangerous as taking illegal drugs, because when drugs are not purchased with prescription from a medical practitioner, overdose, taking drugs that are meant for other people, and unnecessary use of drug for non-medical purposes are inevitable. Drugs like pain relievers, antibiotics, cough syrups are likely to be abused by kids and teenager and which is capable of making them intoxicated and hyperactive. To prevent these for kids and teenagers, get a prescription for every drug.

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