Not everyone has an idea of how alcohol addiction starts. Alcohol addiction starts with alcohol abuse; this happens when a person takes alcohol basically for the purpose of getting the same results gotten at the initial stages of trying it out for the first time.

Therefore, when they love the effects which it comes with, they take it over and over again, till a compulsive and obsessive habit is formed, and this is known as addiction.

One of the major causes of alcohol addiction is stressful environments. We all experience stress in our lives due to education, our jobs and the likes.

Now, not everyone has the capacity to handle stress, there are some people who are more likely to be heavy drinkers because of their stressful jobs.

For people in this category to help themselves, the best solution is to put measures in place to de-stress themselves.

These measures should be healthy ones such as taking a nap, going on a vacation, exercising, reading a book amongst others.

In addition, another cause of alcohol addiction is taking it at an early age. There are some people who were exposed to alcohol right from their young age, probably from their parents, older siblings or relatives.

When these children get older, taking alcohol seems like a healthy habit to them, and an addiction is formed in the process, because the tolerance levels of their body is increased.

Also, people who have mental health problems like depression, anxiety and the likes have a higher chance of being addicted to alcohol.

Taking alcohol becomes easy for people in this category because it temporarily takes off their bad feelings.

So, they would drink alcohol over and over again, so that those feelings are off permanently, but it does not work that way.

There are some people who take alcohol with medicine, and this is not good enough. Some medicines can enhance the toxic effects of alcohol.

When someone takes alcohol regularly with medications, they can become addicted to the following effects, and this can be detrimental and life threatening.

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