Reasons why people get addicted to drugs

Some people are at risk for abuse and developing addiction disorders. The vulnerability of an individual to be addicted differs from another even if the factors are the same.

The factors that contribute to drug addiction make the addicts value drugs so much, that they stay within its usage in the long-term.

Below are some reasons why people have drug addiction

  • Genetics: The preference of an individual to take part in addictive behaviors are often shaped by their genes, which was passed down to them. The association between the social environment of an individual and their genes can explain why some people are addicted and some are not.  

For instance, children whose parents were drug addicts are at a high risk of developing their own drug addiction at any time.

  • Cultural behavior: The value that an individual attaches to taking drugs is greatly influenced by the environment where the person resides. For instance, a student in college where drug abuse is a common habit will most likely indulge in it. And if care is not taken, the student would be addicted to drugs.
  • Financial capacity: One of the reasons why people are addicted to drugs is its affordability. If drugs were expensive, not everyone would be taking it. This does not understate the fact that, some people will take loans to fund their addiction and they will end up in debt.

If the prices of drugs like cigarettes and the likes increases, people will cut down on their consumption.

  • Peer Pressure: Peer pressure is one of the major contributors to an individual’s addiction. If you have friends who abuse drugs, there is a likely chance that you will join them. People who do not bow to peer pressure are often seen as the bad egg. However, in the long run, they will be grateful that they took their stand.
  • Mental health problems: A good number of times when people are depressed, anxious or they have a mental health problem, they resort to taking drugs. Eventually, they are hooked on it and an addiction ensues.  

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